How Threshold Came About

This is how Threshold came about:

From the beginning I wanted to write a story that could have actually happened. In short, I wanted magic without actual magic. Something that could make us all look at the world a little different. Something that would help us see the magic that is all around us. The magic we grown so accustomed to that we ignored it completely.
I had heard about astral projection before, in fact, I’d experienced it a few times. So, right from the start I decided that astral projection was going to be my magic, the portal to wonderful world of Threshold.
With that information, I got to work. I drew a map of Threshold, I figured out the weather, time, currency, inhabitants, etc…
I wanted a world different from ours, Since it was in astral plane, it didn’t have to follow the same physics rules as our universe did. So, I decided to make Threshold static, that is without night and day cycles.
Having all the ground work done, I got typing. I had a wonderful time jolting down the story. My mind didn’t like taking breaks. Even when my fingers stopped typing, the story stream didn’t stop flowing. Which, worked out great because I was ‘forced’ to sit-down and write, or risk losing chunks of the story.
Some days I wrote 5,000 words, others I wrote none. I tried really hard to put in at least 1,500 words each day. I set myself deadlines, most which I met.
I had the time of my life writing, I got lost in the story, I even became good friends with the characters. I know, weird right? We even fought, Mark and I had a serious disagreement one day, I wanted to change his name but he didn’t. Guess who won?
The day I finally finished The Guardian of Threshold, I had mixed feelings. I was happy for having finished it, but I felt like I was saying goodbye to dear friends. I think that I even missed Phasma.
Now that book one is published, I’m looking forward to continue writing book two. All I can tell you, is that they’re back, but not necessarily how you may remember them.

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