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Date: 12/21/2012

Contact: Adrian Grassi, 863-256-9275,


New Paranormal Fantasy Novel “The Guardian of Threshold” Just Released.

A mysterious paranormal adventure authored by: A.A. Volts.

Kissimmee, FL – The Guardian Of Threshold was released just in time for the holidays on major online retailers such as and A.A. Volt’s debut novel is aimed at the young adult market but also has considerable mass-market appeal. Volts spent most of his days writing, editing, proofreading and typesetting his novel in his Poinciana home located in Kissimmee, FL.


“What would you do to see a relative that passed away again?” That’s precisely the question that Volts wants his readers to ask themselves as they read this heartwarming tale of a boy named Mark who wishes nothing more than to see his mother again.


Unfortunately, things of such matter never go according to plan in life, so why should they in death? Instead of his mother Mark meets Phasma whose mission is to prevent anyone from crossing into the world of the dead. Embark on this feel good adventure as Mark seeks to reunite with his dead mother. And find out whether he succeeds or not.


So far The Guardian of Threshold has been greeted with rave reviews on Volts has done an outstanding job in not only writing but also formatting his debut novel to live up to the highest of standards.


More information about the wonderful and fantastic world of Threshold can be found on Volt’s blog:, and on his Facebook page:, or even in the author’s twitter feed:

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The Guardian of Threshold Released

Today my debut novel The Guardian of Threshold was released on ahead of schedule.

It’s on sale now on US kindle book store for $4.99, check it out here

I had to decide things like DRM (Digital Rights Management) or no DRM, price in different countries, categories, keywords, etc… I opted for DRM free book because, I believe DRM hinders the user experience more than it helps the author.

Interesting enough, fantasy fiction is overpriced in places like Brazil. But, I believe I know why that is. Brazil like many other places are emerging markets for Amazon and they lack of content quantity and widespread adoption kind of forces content creators to charge more. Everyone’s got a theory, why I should be any different?

Perhaps, what surprised me the most was that clicking the final button on site in order to finalize the release took more time and courage than I’d imagined.

The release of The Guardian of Threshold couldn’t have come in a better time, with Christmas fast approaching, it makes a great holiday gift. Time to fill all those Christmas Kindle devices, so here over to amazon and get reading.

The Guardian of Threshold – A young adult contemporary fantasy by: A.A. Volts.

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