Threshold Map (Concept)

One of the first things I did after I decided that I was going to write The Guardian of Threshold was draw a map.

Laying out the land wasn’t hard, I knew from the beginning that Threshold would be a static world. What I mean by that, is that Threshold wasn’t going to be located in our solar system or even in our universe. I wanted a world where night and day didn’t depend on the rotation of the Astros.

From there I decided to divide the land in two, Upside (North) and Downside (South), then I decided to divide in half once more, this time calling it Nightside (West) and Dayside (East).

Next came the question, what should time be like in Threshold? To answer that, I put myself in the shoes of someone living in Threshold who didn’t have a need for precise time management. In the end a decided in a time system called wind-cycles, it seemed reasonable.

After that, the only thing left to be decided was a power source and currency.

Since Threshold is supposed to be technologically more advanced than Earth, I figured it made sense for them to harvest energy from the earth itself (The Core), from wind and even thunderstorms. As for money I decided to use hours worked.

Here is the Threshold maps in case you wondering what the first version may have looked like.

The Threshold Map





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